VLButtonBar is a versatile navigation control. It can be deployed as outlook bar, vertical menu, visual basic styled toolbox, etc. Use unicode for group and button captions. Also provides native (MBCS) support for far eastern languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). Gradient filled background for group headers and buttons let you deliver great looking application. Select from a range of button styles to add real spice to your applications.

Publisher description

VLButtonBar is a versatile navigation control that can be used to incorporate MS Outlook styled navigation side bar as well as visual basic style tool palette into your applications. It allows you to arrange sets of buttons / navigation items into groups, each identified by its header. Clicking on a group header causes the group to become active and its contained buttons are made visible. At any instance only one group can be made active. Each button has associated icon and text. Button clicks are notified through events of the control, where you can add appropriate action code. The control provides a variety of orientation and layout combinations for groups and buttons to suite your specific needs. Also, the control can automatically calculate the appropriate size for buttons based on button picture size, button caption and the font, or you can specify a custom button size as per your requirements. A variety of gradient filled background options for group headers and buttons allow you to incorporate great looking UI into your application.

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